Something New

Maybe it’s time for me to join the last century and blog, just a little, about what I’m up to.  With any luck I’ll have more than one project to share with you here.  And with even more luck, someone out there might be interested in reading my posts.

Today I’m going to tell you about my first refashion.  I went to my hometown at the beginning of January and came home with a suitcase full to the brim with clothing to play with.  The weather here has been so cold and dreary that I decided to start with a spring blouse.  Cheerful color, lightweight, just right for a couple of months from now.


This shirt is okay already, but it needs some tweaking.  For one thing, I don’t like poofy sleeves on me.


I’m also pretty sure these things aren’t exactly “in” right now, but don’t take my word for it.  I am probably wrong.  I decided they had to go.


This made the shirt a little bit on the loose side, but it had to be in order to get it on and off.  No stretch!  I picked apart the sleeves and took out the elastic.


The shoulders had this pin tuck detailing.  I used the lines to pin tuck all of the way down the sleeves and bring them in a little.


Now the sleeves needed a little more oomph, so I used one of the sashes and added it to the hem.


And here’s the finished shirt:


Doesn’t unfinished drywall make a great background?  Not a huge difference in the shirt, but just enough to make me happy and want to wear it.  And it looks just as good on me as it does on Maddy!  (And I will sincerely send a prize to anyone who gets the reference.  It’s super obscure.)


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