Something Old

In my first post I showed you what I called my first refashion, but that wasn’t true.  I had forgotten about a series of refashions I did last year with my husband’s old clothes.  Let’s take a look!


It’s easy to make something when you start with 3x tall men’s shirts.  Lots of fabric to work with.  I was also working without a dress dummy, so for me the fitting was hit or miss.  I love having my twin, Maddy, to work on now!


So you can see that I started with a basic t-shirt, just to give it a try.  Not a flattering fit, but I made something!  Yay me!  I wanted something to wear at my greenhouse job that I could muck up and not care too much, but it was too big by the time summer came around.  Yay me, again!


This picture makes me look tiny, but seriously.  That’s a *big* shirt. I decided to try something a wee bit more complicated with this one.


I loved it, wore it twice.  The fabric was just a bit too thick and didn’t drape as well as I would have liked.  Still, fun to make.  I don’t have a lot of experience with knit fabrics so a good learning experience.


See the cashews?  Love ’em!  🙂


Looks okay on the hanger, doesn’t it?  You know how it fit?  Awful!  Know why?  This is when I realized that for weeks I had been using the wrong seam allowance on all of my projects.  This shirt really demonstrated why that was a problem.


And just for fun, I tried my hand at one of Hubby’s button-down’s.


You can see how this one doesn’t fit perfectly, either, but I enjoyed making it!  The neckline gapes, and it’s too tight around the tummy.  But it’s an entirely new shirt for nothing more than a little labor!  Now that I have my dress dummy I might try something like this again.

I have one more refashion that I just finished that I’ll be sharing next week.  After that I’ll be working on a big project (hopefully) that will take up some time.  More on that later!



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