Something Blue…

…or in this case, a little bit of teal.  IMG_20160119_113216509[1]

I found this top last summer while out hitting the garage sales with my friend, Joan.  This is a Friday thing for us, right after breakfast.  I loved the fabric but figured if I ever wanted to make it into something I would have to completely re-make it, for two reasons.  First, it was three sizes to big, and second, it’s a maternity top.  I put it away for a few months while I decided what to do with it.


Yep, it’s just as flattering on me as it is on Maddy.  Still, I was totally in love with this fabric!  It was one of those projects I was always coming back to in my mind.  Finally I got it back out and really looked at it.  Having Maddy really helps.  It turns out, the top had lots of great seams to take in, like so:


Before I knew it, I had it all taken in and it was perfect!  I’ve been wanting a tunic.


Looks pretty good on Maddy.


I like it on me, too!  🙂  I’m wearing it tonight for our holiday party with my new employer.  Yes, I’m aware that it is February.  🙂  What a goofy expression on my face!  I should never take selfies.



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