Something Borrowed

This week I “borrowed” some time from a big project  to make a little something for me.  I’ll be posting about the big project in a few days-it’s a custom order and almost done.  Phew!

Have I mentioned that I went on a big splurge this winter at the Goodwill in my hometown?  I really wish I could shop there every week because there is always a ton of good stuff.  There were plenty of items that didn’t even need altering at all.  This is not one of those projects.  🙂

One thing I stocked up on was cute dresses.  I am definitely noticing a trend in styling, though.  Pretty much the same thing over and over in different fabrics, but it is working for me so far!

So cute!
This dress was perfect in a lot of ways.  Love the fabric, love the style, it’s already the right size (mostly), so it should be ready to wear, right?  Yeah, not so much.  For one thing, it turned out to be a maternity dress.  Great on the hanger, extra fabric in all of the wrong places once I tried it on.  I don’t need to leave room for my tummy, and the boobs aren’t growing anymore.  In fact, just the opposite.  I was never going to fill this thing out.  Unfortunately, that meant that this needed more than a simple tailoring.  Time to unsew.  (Also, as much as I love dresses I never really wear them.  Shirts and pants for me!)

It would be easier to start from scratch, but not as fun!
I also wanted to maintain that red detail at the hem, so I couldn’t just take it up.  After I got this far I realized that the black band at the bottom of the bodice also needed to come off.  I liked the detail but it wasn’t going to work in the end.

Maddy, half naked.
I pinned the top part of this project to Maddy.  I probably took a couple of days to fiddle with this and make it just right.  In the end I took it back off, laid it out, and just whacked it.  No fiddling necessary.  It was also at this point that I realized the sleeves were fine as is.  Good thing I spent all of that time picking them off!

That red detail is what does it for me.
Of course, I had to take in the skirt so that it fit around my middle better, and it actually sewed onto the bodice much easier than I thought it would.  Looks pretty good on Maddy.

Taking selfies is hard.
And I liked how it looked on me, as well.  It was perfect for work!






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