Smocks a Lot

Finally, I’m done with the big project!  A friend teaches pottery classes, usually at coffee shops, and she was interested in aprons for her students.  Lately I’ve been turning away custom orders, but this one was intriguing to me.  It sparked a little bit of creativity which is always welcome.  She was clear-she wanted smocks, and she wanted them to be as unisex as possible.  So as always, I started with doing it the “right” way, using a pattern and everything!

Unisex?  At least there are no pink roses.
I added the binding details, because I can’t leave it alone entirely.  It needed the little bit of detail.

Love this fabric.
So, a traditional “lunch lady” style smock.  Nice enough, but it doesn’t fit in with what I do.  Also, I only have so much fabric in the quantity needed that isn’t entirely feminine.  Time to try something new:

Guess how many men’s shirts I’ve collected over the past few years?
I still love working with shirts, reworking them into something new but retaining some of their character.

Character galore!
And with that I had my final bit of inspiration.  And plenty of materials on hand.

The stack, cut out and ready to go.
The order was for twenty, and I managed to gather sixteen shirts that fit the bill.  It took a while to get them all done, but I did it!

But also, smocks.
I did have to finish the order with three smocks from this fabric.  It was the least overtly feminine fabric I could come up with.

Only a few.
Here’s the short stack.  By this point I had already delivered a dozen smocks and had completely missed taking pictures.

Now this is girly!
Of course, my friend has two little girls and I decided they needed their own smocks.  Thankfully, I had some very feminine shirts and fabrics to work with.  Too fun!

Flowers everywhere!
So that’s the big project, all done.  Next I’ll be doing some small tailoring projects for my daughter, and then on to a spring/summer wardrobe.  See you next week with my next project!  Thanks Jennifer, at Pickled Pottery, for the opportunity!


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