Sweater Weather

Is it rude to start a blog and then abandon it almost immediately? Probably. Sorry-summers are for weeding in my garden, although that happened pretty infrequently this year, too. Now the weather is turning cooler again and I’ll feel more like sewing and crafting. And I’ll be getting my sweaters back out.

I’ve always preferred to hang up my sweaters, but we all know how well that works.  Shoulder bumps galore.  But it seems that no matter how carefully I fold the things they always end up wrinkled in the drawer.  Also, I have a lot of cardigans that defy folding:


If you google “how to hang up a sweater” you’ll get instructions for this:img_20161004_0640299731

But again, cardigans that defy folding.  Also, I have around fifteen sweaters.  Look at all of that extra bulk!  They would never fit in my closet space.  I found out that you can buy special hangers for sweaters.  They look so cool!  Bendable, no more bumps, no more wrinkles.  Here they are at Target:  Bumps Be-Gone

So there’s a solution!  For $10.00 per 4-pack I can hang my sweaters exactly like I want to.  But wait.  Most of my sweaters are $1.00 or $2.00 thrift store finds.  Does this make economic sense?  Of course not.  In order to hang up all of my sweaters and cardigans I would have to spend at least $100.00.  Um, no.  So I did what I always do-I went to the hardware store.


(The coffee is an important part of the project.)  I picked up a 6-foot length of pipe insulation for about $2.36 (with tax).


It has a slit up one side, and is hollow in the middle.  For, you know, slipping around a pipe.


I also have a box full of wire hangers.  I have no idea how many, but my guess is about a hundred, maybe more.  I picked them up for free from someone on our local buy/sell Facebook page.  They were for a different project that I never quite got to.  And hey, look, they bend!


One more thing needed-a way to keep the pipe insulation on the hanger.  What could I have laying around from yet another project?  How about hair elastic?


Yeah, I really had these from another project.  I seem to say that a lot.  Rubber bands would work, too, but these will be a little easier on the knits just like they are easier on your hair.  A 37-pack of plain black hair elastics goes for about $4.79, if you don’t already have a bunch just laying around.

I cut the insulation to length (about 8 inches worked for the hangers I have) and slipped it onto the hanger.  It cut very easily with my cheap crappy scissors.  I hide the good scissors when projects like these are about.  Then the elastic to hold it on.  Behold!


I got 4 1/2 hangers from one length of insulation.  Not quite as pretty as the ones from Target, but who’s going to notice under my sweaters in my closet?  Total cost per hanger was about $1.00 versus $2.50, and since I have all of the elastics and hangers I could possibly need already I’m only paying .53 cents per hanger.


Honestly, it does look a little bit weird and droopy but I think it’s going to work perfectly.  Yay, sweater weather!




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