I Love Layers

At both of my jobs I have found that it is always better to dress in layers.  Maybe it’s that way for everyone.  T-shirts and hoodies for shipping cheese, and something a little nicer for working at the bank.  Both places can be cold, for different reasons, and let’s just admit it-sometimes I’m suddenly warm.  I’m going to say it’s because I’m working hard.

Anyway, for the bank job (sounds like a heist!) I really love cardigans.  I found this shirt a couple of years ago at Goodwill for a couple of dollars and just loved the fabric.  Originally I bought it to make a skirt.  I have tubs full of shirts I thought would make great skirts but you know what?  I don’t actually wear skirts so now I have tubs full of shirts.  This shirt was literally ten sizes too big but I just loved the fabric.  img_20161009_1444009001

I decided this would actually make a pretty good cardigan, so I put it on Maddy and stared at it for a couple of days.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to take it in first, or just cut it up the center front and start that way.  Eventually I decided to cut it up the front and go from there.  img_20161010_0720333161

After the first cut I then sliced off the bottom front corners.  I wanted a slightly more interesting hem line than a straight-up cardi, something more like a waterfall cardigan.img_20161010_0723077311

Then I cut off the extras-all around the hem and collar.img_20161010_0744520221

And then I made a simple hem all of the way around.img_20161010_1344176341

And just like that, a simple cardigan!  In the end I decided to not take it in and I was left with a flowy, almost kimono-like jacket.  Looks good on Maddy!  But now I have a different problem.  Cute cardigan, nothing to wear it with.  So I dug back in those tubs and found two more shirts, one given to me by a friend and one picked up at St. Vinnie’s.img_20161009_1445578451img_20161011_1023072151

I simply took them both in and added side vents.  Simple fixes and now I have a little bit of a mini wardrobe.



And here’s a glimpse of the maker, wearing her creations.  Still in love with that fabric!img_20161011_1334095591img_20161011_134131155_top1


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