Chilly Mornings

The changing weather has prompted me to go through all of my tubs of clothing, finding things I can wear now and finding other things that I’ve been saving to make into something new.  I’m still on a cardigan kick, and came across one of my husband’s old polo shirts.  It’s a 2x long, something he shrank out of in the last few years.img_20161014_1103416721

Here you can see that Maddy is swamped in this shirt.


Lots of extra fabric.  Once again, let’s keep it simple.


Cut off the collar.


Snip off the cuffs.


One big cut right up the middle.


Take it in all of the way up the sides and down the sleeves.


Curve it a little at the bottom.


One hem all of the way around, and here you have an open-front cardigan.  Honestly, much sloppier than I usually like.  Definitely not something for work.  But perfect for chilly mornings, yoga pants, and a hot cup of tea.


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