By this time of year I expected we’d have had at least one snow/ice storm but instead we’re having the sunniest, driest run of weather since last spring.  The temperatures are still pretty warm, but starting to cool off.  I know that when winter does hit it will really hit, so to be prepared I thought I’d make some more scarves.

I’m not usually a scarf person.  I like them but I hate to buy them.  But they are a great accessory for the colder weather, go well with all of those cardigans, so I thought I’d throw together a few from what I have on hand.

The first one was from this dress:


When I say I like to keep it simple, I really mean it.  Also, I may be a lazy sewist.  I cut the skirt off of this dress, sewed a hem around the raw edge, and voila!  One giant scarf:


The next one went so quickly I forgot to get a before picture.  For this one I just cut off the bottom detail from another dress:


The next one actually took a little bit of work.  I started with this dress:


I cut the back away from the front and laid it out with right sides together.  I cut it out a little and resewed the two long pieces together at the ends.


I like the length of this one, but not the big seam up the middle.  I might rework that sometime in the future.  Now I want to find more dresses to cut up for scarves!  I may be a little on the obsessive side.  😉



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