The Handmade Holiday, Part Two

I mentioned in my last post that I was including birthdays in my definition of “holiday”, and how can you not when one of those birthdays falls on Christmas Eve? Middle daughter’s birthday has generated our own quirky set of holiday traditions. The best one, when the kids were still little, was to leave a piece of birthday cake for Santa instead of cookies.

When middle daughter was very young she started her own tradition with my mother in law. MIL often wore embroidered shirts which middle daughter was fascinated with. She would sit on her grandma’s lap for hours, weaving stories based on the pictures on Grandma’s shirts. 

Some of MIL’S clothing came to my house when she couldn’t wear it anymore, for whatever reason, and it’s been waiting for me to do *something* with it. So this year it became Daughter’s birthday present.

I started with a shirt and a pair of Grandma’s jeans. I need the jeans for the back of the pillow because I had already scavenged the back of the shirt for a different project.

There aren’t a lot of “how to” pictures for this post. Pillows are pretty simple. I cut out as much as I could of the front of the shirt to make a rectangular panel. Not so easy, actually, with the buttons and embroidery bunching things up. Then I unsewed the jeans, laid out the panel on top, pinned and cut. See those scissors? They were a birthday present to me from Oldest Daughter at the beginning of December. Cushion grips, which was a very thoughtful thing to do.

I thought it would be nice to actually make a pillow form and removable pillow cover, so I made this one from one of Grandma’s old pillow cases.

Because of the buttons I was able to sew up all of the sides and turn it easily, and then just button it up over the pillow form. After this picture I went back and tightened up the corners because it was too slouchy for my taste.

I rounded off the corners using a deli container as a guide.

Still a little slouchy for my taste, but much better. I think Daughter appreciated this sentimental gift. 


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