The Handmade Holiday, Part Three

img_20161109_092006489.jpgOne of my recurring goals is to “use what I have” for a project.  I think a lot of crafters can relate.  I have tons of stuff-fabric, beads, miscellaneous supplies.  Some of it is left over from kicks I’ve been on, some has been gifted to me, some I pick up second hand because who can resist a big tub of quilting cotton scraps for $5.00 at a garage sale?  In my heart there’s a tiny part of me “rescuing” that stuff.  Usually it’s all put away neatly because that is what works for me, but when I get into a project everything comes out and gets spread around during the design phase.  I thought I would share some pictures of what that looks like.

As part of the handmade holiday I really wanted to put together some ornaments for a group of friends we have that get together every couple of weeks.  We have a fun Christmas party with a white elephant gift exchange and sometimes a few of us will also pass out small, inexpensive gifts.  You can see from the pictures above and below that I had everything out, from old jewelry to silk flowers to who knows what.  Pure chaos.


I started with the idea of using canning jar bands and a big basket of trims and hem tape that I was given.  Of course, I got the idea from Pinterest where the pinner had used twine.  Very Pinterest.  I don’t have twine, I have twenty year old bias binding.


It was during this project that I decided to sort out some of those zippers into their own basket.  I like to sort things.  It’s a problem.  Then I put the glue gun to work.

One other restriction I placed on myself was to make each ornament different.  I really liked how some of them came out, others not as much, and at least one fell apart when the recipient opened her gift.  😦  That totally sucked.  But overall I was happy with the results.

Anyone else out there like to make your own ornaments?  I found it relaxing to just design a new one or two a day.  It made a big mess, though, to have all of my stuff spread out while working.  I’d love to have a little more room to work.  Maybe someday!


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