The Handmade Holiday, Part Four

Don’t you hate it when you thought you saved a draft of something and it’s completely gone the next time you open the program?  Yeah, let’s just hope that means it needed to be rewritten anyway.

So for a Christmas gift for Emma (Middle Daughter) I thought it might be fun to kind of finish a project she inspired years ago.  She’s always been very attached to her things, and at one point just loved her jeans.  Most of them had some sort of embroidery or other cool embellishments, and she really didn’t want to part with them.  And neither did she want to pass them on to her little sister.  We put them away for a time, and then, when she was a little bit over it, I started cutting them up.  This was way before I had started repurposing other clothing.  I cut up those jeans, and then started on other jeans the kids had, and then it was on to shirts, and then some of my shirts and even some of Todd’s clothing.  I had in mind making some sort of quilt, maybe one for each of the girls.  And like so many of my projects, at some point it got sidelined and put away.


Here you can see some of the squares.  For this project I used the big ones.  I’ve used some of this denim for other projects over the years.  I thought this would be a good rag quilt, something sturdy if she wanted to keep it in her Jeep for the winter, just in case.


These are my clothing scraps from my other projects.  All sorted by color or type.  See that top baggie that looks like random stuff?  Those are my precious batiks.  Saving those for a future project.  Anyway, I knew I would need these scraps to add to the quilt.


These are the shirt squares I had previously cut out from the kids’ clothes.  They were mostly sweatshirts, so used them for batting.  This is not a tutorial for making a rag quilt, so sorry if my pictures are of no help to you.  I didn’t do a very good job anyway, so there is that.


When making a rag quilt you have to clip the heck out of the seams.  Even with these spring-loaded clippers it’s a tough job.  And I missed a few seams the first time through and had to go back and finish.


Here it is, in process.  This would have gone smoother if I had planned it out all of the way.  I thought I had more matching sets of denim blocks than I did.  But overall, it came out fine.  About halfway through I figured out what I was doing wrong.  I may someday make another, but for now I’ll leave rag quilting to my cousin.  She’s a master.


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