The Handmade Holiday, Part Five


When I declared this holiday was going to be as handmade as possible, I’ll admit the reception was pretty lukewarm.  But Youngest Daughter (Katie) was enthused.  We had been watching Over the Garden Wall on Netflix, an animated miniseries, and she had been planning a Wirt cosplay.  For those not in the know, cosplaying is when you dress up like a character, sometimes from animation or live action, whatever catches your fancy.  Katie is really into it, and makes videos online while in costume.

Wirt is the boy on the right in this picture.  Katie figured his cape would be an easy make, so she asked for that.  It wasn’t hard, but I’ve made easier.  You don’t see it as well in the above picture, but the lining is red.  So I cut up a blue sheet and red tablecloth that I had, and my friend, Polly, donated some gold-toned buttons and voila!  A cape!


This turned out to be one of those projects that actually inspires me, and once the idea for the cape was solid, I started to think of more things to add to the cosplay.  For one thing, I had plenty of leftover red tablecloth to make a hat.  So I made the hat (no picture, though).

I should mention that we all watched this miniseries, some of us more than once, so I was well aware of how important the relationship between the two brothers was.  You can’t have Wirt without Gregory.  And I started to think, how can I make a Gregory?  Katie used to be into sock monkeys and I thought it would be fun to make a cosplay for one of them, and to make it look kind of like he made it himself.


And there is Gregory!  I made his teapot hat from a piece of fleece, his coverall from a t-shirt, and his pouch from a scrap from some pants.  I couldn’t find a frog in Katie’s old toys, so Sock Monkey has a chameleon instead.  The pouch isn’t empty, either.  Gregory’s pet rock is in there, as well as his taffy:





I also took one of these:


and added a brooch pin finding to the feet.  This is Beatrice and she is important to the story, too.  Now Katie can pin Beatrice to her shoulder.

I think it all came out well, but of course by the time Christmas came around I think Katie was kind of over it.  I did have fun making it, though.  Sock Monkey was happy to have a costume.



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