Shoulda Woulda Coulda

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since March!  Wow, I guess I’ve been busy.  Most of you reading this will already know, but my girls found a place together and all moved out at the same time.  Chaos ensues!  I’m still getting my house together in the aftermath-they each had their own bedroom, so I have three empty rooms to play with.  What a luxury of space after so many cramped years.  They also have a ton of space in their new place and I think they are loving it.

One of the benefits of all of that space, of course, is a new, dedicated sewing room.  I’ve been sharing my space for years, in various rooms, with various other activities.  And Todd is happy to have all of those tubs of old clothing out of our bedroom!  I have a couple of projects related to the new sewing room and hopefully will be blogging that soon.

But first, just a little peek at a project I made while all of the chaos was going on.  This was a special order for a family member.  By the time I got to the end I really regretted not taking pictures all along to blog in detail.  This bag was a great exploration of just how my creative process works.  For example, it took a week at least to choose which fabrics/pieces of clothing to use.  And maybe some of you are aware (or maybe not), but I’m not working with a pattern.  It’s more like an idea of a pattern and then go from there.  I also chose to work with a pair of jeans on this one, and that’s new for me.  I’ve done that a couple of times and haven’t loved the results, but this time something clicked.  Here’s a look:


I made this tote about the same standard size that I make all of them, 18″x 14″.  The handles are approximately 30″ long.  Isn’t that a great print?  That is a vintage sheet I found at a resale shop and it was perfect.  In fact, I’m making curtains for my new guest bedroom out of what was left.


Sometimes it’s the little details that make a piece.  Here I used swivel clasps to attach the straps.  Those are the belt loops holding the rings.


Also a special zipper, and you can see here that I used the waistband from the jeans as binding on the pocket panel.  I’m still getting the hang of installing zippers, so I could have been happier with this one.  But it had to be installed like this so it could do this:


Yup, she’s reversible!  Aren’t those cute pockets?  I actually did wish to keep this one when I was done, despite the flaws.  (If you can’t see them, I’m not telling you where they are!)  I can’t wait to make another one!


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